Preventive measures at the airport

27. 5. 2020

The airport is ready to welcome passengers safely, and ensure a safe workplace for employees. With the resumption of air traffic, the airport has adopted new preventive measures for passengers and employee guidelines in order to reduce the possibility of infection.

Social distancing

A safe distance of 1.5 m must be maintained in all enclosed spaces – in the passenger terminal and on apron buses. The safe distance is indicated with floor markings, belt barriers and seat markings in the waiting areas.

Hand disinfection

Hand disinfection is mandatory for passengers and employees before entering enclosed spaces. Hand disinfection stands are located throughout the terminal and in other parts of the airport.

Use of protective face masks

The use of a protective mask or face covering is mandatory for passengers in the terminal and on apron buses. Passengers provide their own protection. Masks can be purchased at vending machines and airport stores.

Passenger restrictions, routing and separation

The number of passengers in the terminal and on the buses is reduced. Passenger flows are managed and separated with barriers and floor markings. The capacity of the terminal and buses has been reduced by about half. Only passengers and employees can enter the passenger terminal – visitors and companions are not allowed.

Disinfection, cleaning and airing

All areas are regularly aired, cleaned and disinfected, especially frequently used surfaces (door handles, taps, railings, switches, etc.).

Body temperature checks

Temperatures will only be checked on certain flights at the request of airlines.

Additional employee protection

Glass shields

Check-in and passenger boarding gate counters are equipped with glass shields.

The following protective equipment is mandatory:

  • face masks and disposable gloves when escorting and assisting passengers (passenger handling department);
  • face masks, disposable gloves, protective goggles and clothing when moving passengers in and out of aircraft (airport firefighters);
  • face masks, disposable gloves, and protective goggles when screening passengers and other staff at security checkpoints (security officers);
  • face masks when loading/unloading and cleaning the aircraft cabin or when performing general tasks on/in the aircraft.
    By acting responsibly and following all safety measures you are helping us protect your health and the health of others. Thank you! We wish you a safe and pleasant journey!