Travel Documents

Required documents for a carefree journey

For a carefree and hassle-free journey, make sure you have all the necessary travel documents. Keep them safe and secure throughout the journey.

The airport staff is authorised to check if you have all the required valid travel documents and to check your identity at check-in and embarkation. You will be refused to board the flight without valid documents, so make sure you have everything you need before you set out on a trip.

  • Before travelling, make sure you have valid documents (a ticket, a valid national ID card or passport, visas and vaccination certificates (if required for entry into a country), a boarding pass).
  • Children are required to have their own identity document.
  • Travel documents should be put in carry-on baggage and kept with you throughout the journey.
  • The data on the identity document has to match the data on the ticket as the ticket is not transferable.
  • Check the entry and visa requirements of individual countries you will enter or pass through in transit. Also make sure to check all the COVID-19 requirements.
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Travel with a National ID Card

For EU citizens travelling within the Schengen Area a National ID Card is sufficient, for NON-EU citizens a passport is required. A driving license is not considered a valid travel document.

Each passenger is responsible for meeting the entry or transit requirements for a specific country.

Inadequate documents and failure to meet the entry or exit requirements may have unpleasant consequences (fines, refused entry into a country). Detailed information on required documents for entry to a country is available from your carrier.