Children at the airport

For a carefree trip with children

When traveling with children, check the requirements regarding hand luggage and food allowed on board. Special conditions for traveling with children were put in place to make your journey easier. Our staff will make every effort to secure adjacent flight seats during check-in as well as provide all necessary assistance.

Items allowed on a plane

When traveling with children, you are allowed to bring a baby basket, a fully foldable pram (to be put in the luggage compartment) or a child car seat (check with the carrier for any restrictions) as well as all the necessary food for the trip on board.

Prams and baby carriers

Families with children can use their own prams and baby carriers during travel. You can rent a pram free of charge during check-in and check your pram as luggage. The borrowed pram must be returned upon boarding. Prams are also available for transfer passengers and are located on the first floor of the terminal. Prams in transfer that are checked-in until the final destination are not unloaded from the plane and cannot be used by passengers, who can, however use airport prams instead.

Prams/baskets Checked luggage Hand luggage
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No

Food and liquids

Your hand luggage can contain baby food that you will need during the trip. This may exceptionally exceed the 100ml limit in force for other items. Please limit yourself to the strictly necessary amount. Place baby and child food on a separate tray during security check.

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Documents and certificates

When traveling with children, it is important that every child, including babies, has their own identity document and that you arrive at the airport on time. Unaccompanied children must carry a birth certificate and a statement of consent from parents or guardians throughout the duration of the trip.

Waiting for the flight

We have made sure that you have everything you need while waiting for the plane and to keep your children busy. Nappy changing facilities are located in the women's bathrooms. Children have access to well-maintained play areas in the Schengen and non-Schengen parts of the passenger terminal. The enclosures also include various airplane-themed toys and a wide selection of books by educational publisher Učila. Children can only use the toys under the supervision of an adult.

The play areas are currently closed due to COVID-19 protection measures.

Unaccompanied children

Unaccompanied children can travel by plane upon meeting certain conditions. Airport staff will collect the children from the parents and take care of them until they board the plane, when they will be handed over to cabin crew. Parents or guardians are not allowed to leave the airport before take-off due to a chance of cancellation or long waiting times.

The service must be ordered in advance. Travel rules for children depend on the carrier, so make sure to check the necessary information before the flight.

Children group travel

Children group travel is organized transport of children aged between 5 and 12 years. Upon arrival at the airport, the group leader must contact a carrier representative, who will provide information on the procedures and arrange for the necessary cabin preparations as well as inform the services involved.

Contact your carrier for more information.

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Travelling while pregnant

Women in late pregnancy should consult the carrier before traveling regarding the conditions pertaining to travelling during late pregnancy. Some carriers require a medical certificate before issuing a boarding clearance.