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COVID-19 safeguards

Ljubljana Airport has preventive measures in place for the safety of passengers and employees. We would like to ask you to read and follow these measures. We wish you a pleasant and safe journey.

Read about the Covid-19 protective measures
14. September

RVT condition mandatory in all airport buildings

In accordance with the Government’s Ordinance on the method of meeting the condition of Recovered - Vaccinated – Tested (RVT rule) to curb the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus infections, RVT rule is mandatory for all passengers, visitors and employees entering the buildings at the airport from September 15.

8. September

Where and when to fly from Ljubljana Airport

Actual flight schedule mostly depends on border limitations and other restrictive measures in particular countries as well as on the recovery of travel demand. 13 airlines currently offer international flights from Ljubljana Airport and we expect one more to expand the flight network in Summer season. 

20. August

British Airways again with flights from Ljubljana Airport to London

British carrier British Airways has reconnected Ljubljana Airport with London's biggest airport Heathrow. It will fly to the UK's capital twice weekly at first and increase the frequency at the end of August.