Tips for travellers

For a carefree trip without worries

Going on a holiday, exploring the world or visiting the loved ones? Here are some tips to make the beginning of your flight as pleasant and carefree as possible.

Get to the airport on time

Arrive at the airport at least two hours before your flight. This will allow you to complete all the formalities - parking, check-in and baggage check-in - on time as well as pass the security check. You will be able to spend the remainder of your time in the comfort of one of our departure lounges, enjoy a snack and a refreshing drink at one of our restaurants or make the final purchases before the trip.

Provide valid and required documents

All passengers, including children, require a current identity document for travelling. Make sure that your identity documents are valid and prepare any other documents that the country you are traveling to (or the country of transit) requires for entry. Do not forget proofs related to COVID-19 security measures. For more tips on travel documents, click here.

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Keep hand luggage with you at all times and never leave it unattended.

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Upon arrival at the airport, double-check the gate number, as it can change.

Hand luggage and checked-in luggage

Check with your airline for the permitted quantity, weight or dimensions of your luggage. You must follow the rules for bringing liquids and hazardous substances on the plane as well as make sure not to carry any prohibited items. Provide clear personal details on your checked-in luggage. For security reasons, never leave your luggage unattended at the airport.

Travelling with children

When traveling with children, it is important that all children, including babies, have their own identity document and that you arrive at the airport on time. Our staff will make every effort to secure adjacent flight seats when you check in as well as provide all necessary assistance. If you are traveling with an infant, you are allowed to bring one baby basket, a fully collapsible pram or child car seat and baby food on board for the trip. For more about traveling with children click here.

Waiting for the flight in comfort

Avail yourself of special offers by the restaurants and shops located in the terminal’s departure lounges. Relax on the massage chairs, get a book from the book-exchange corner, or browse the web for free. The youngest passengers can meanwhile enjoy two flight-themed play areas. You must be at the boarding gate at the latest by the time indicated on your ticket or boarding pass. Upon arrival at the airport, double-check the gate number, as it can change.


Staying healthy

Help us protect your health and the health of others by acting responsibly and following safety precautions. Thank you! We wish you a safe and carefree start to your journey.

Prepare for a security check

To pass the security check as quickly as possible, please prepare accordingly. Take out your flight ticket or boarding pass and a valid identity document before entering the security checkpoint. Take out all portable electronic devices, liquids and all objects with metal parts that you have on you (belt, watch, jewellery, keys ...) from your hand luggage and put them in the special basket. Passengers with pacemakers should inform the staff before the check.

Video presentation of the security check at Ljubljana Airport