The parking fee is charged from the moment the car passes the entrance barrier.

Fraport Slovenija does not assume any responsibility for parked vehicles and any objects inside them.

Parking fee is to be paid before departure at the parking cashier’s office (within working hours) or at one of the parking machines. Parking cashier’s office is situated inside the parking garage house, parking machines are situated at open air parking P1 and P2, parking garage house and at the end of the drop off zone.

After paying the parking fee, you must leave the parking area with the car within 15 minutes, otherwise you will have to pay an additional parking fee.

Outside the grace period, which is applied to parking areas, it is not possible to leave the parking area without paying the parking fee.

In case of a lost entrance parking ticket, we charge a 4-week parking fee (P1, P2, Parking house) or 100 EUR fee at the drop off zone.

We charge a 4-week parking fee in case of abuse of the parking ramp system.

The telephone contact number of the parking cashier’s office is +386 4 206 1409. In case of occurred difficulties outside the working hours of the parking cashier’s office, please contact the Traffic Manager (report to the Info desk in Terminal A).

All users of the ​​Ljubljana Airport parking area must comply with the General Terms and Conditions for the Use of Parking Spaces.

For other general information on parking at the airport, we are available by e-mail: