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14th May 08:00 21:00
15th May 08:00 20:30
16th May 08:00 20:30
17th May 07:30 20:30
18th May 08:00 21:00
19th May 08:00 21:30
20th May 08:00 21:30
21st May 08:00 21:00
22nd May 08:00 20:30
23rd May 08:00 20:30
24th May 07:30 20:30
25th May 08:00 21:00
26th May 08:00 21:30
27th May 08:00 21:30
28th May 08:00 21:00
29th May 08:00 20:30
30th May 08:00 21:00
31st May 07:30 20:30

Holders of parking vouchers note!! - To redeem parking vouchers, you must have the voucher with you in printed form. If your return is outside the parking cashiers' office schedule (usually nightly arrivals), additional instructions for handling are posted on the cashiers' office window glass. The cashiers' office is located on the ground floor of the parking house (PH).

Parking cashier's office is open with limited working schedule. Furthermore, it is possible to the pay the parking fee at the parking machines located at each open air parking area P1 and P2, Parking house and at the end of the drop off zone.

Cashier's schedule is being updated every 15 days. We withhold the right to ad hoc changes of the working schedule in case of flight cancelations / changes or other extraordinary events.

The telephone number of the parking cashier’s office is +386 4 206 1409. In case of issues outside the working hours, see helpful information posted on the cashier's office info window.

We are available for all your questions regarding airport parking issues at: parking@fraport-slovenija.si.