A widget to easier and faster access information about travel limitations

17. 2. 2022

The tourism industry has been living in the grip of travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic for more than two years now. Due to the verification of entry conditions in the country of destination planning their journey poses an additional challenge for passengers. To solve this problem, Fraport Slovenija and SafeScore (an Irish company) are pleased to announce an exciting partnership launched in January 2022. Passengers departing or arriving at Ljubljana Airport will have live access to all the latest travel documentation requirements on www.lju-airport.si, for free, even before they get there.

The information is shared on Ljubljana Airport’s website and is explained in a simple and friendly way. Passengers no longer need to check multiple websites, every day until they depart. Now passengers can access all the information from their mobile phones, laptops or tablets. The widget offers live Covid data by destination on testing, quarantine, vaccinations and additional information travellers should know when planning their journey.

Changing travel restrictions have caused immense stress to passengers all over the world, and now with SafeScore, passengers will have all the latest information at their fingertips, for free.

Speaking about the project, Monika Jelačič, communications expert at Fraport Slovenija and the head of the project at the airport said “Since the beginning of the epidemic, passengers have often approached us with questions about travel rules and restrictions on their destination. The field is complex as requirements change very quickly and vary from country to country. This is exactly what our passengers need. Personalised, simple explanations of the travel restrictions. Instead of providing links to institutional websites, where passengers are struggling with information overload, we are providing a helpful tool that gives them all they need to know. We’ve gone the extra mile with SafeScore and are very pleased with the results.”

Since 2020, travel restrictions and lockdowns have negatively impacted the travel industry, grounding thousands of flights and an estimated 80 million people in the travel industry losing their jobs, globally. The changing restrictions, often without announcement have been criticised by IATA and other major industry bodies.
Speaking on behalf of SafeScore, Nicholas Gorman said “Ljubljana Airport is extremely progressive. They are the first airport on mainland Europe to take this approach and the response has been incredible. We expect smoother check-ins in the coming months, shorter queues, happier passengers and cost-savings by freeing up airport staff capacity. We’ve solved a very complex problem and personalised it for Ljubljana Airport.”

Monika Jelačič also said: “By putting our customers at the heart of everything we do, we are doing our part to restore confidence in travel as soon as possible. We begin looking after them before they even arrive and contribute to a pleasant start of their journey.”
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