COVID-19 safeguards

We inform our passengers, that Zavod Zdravje is no longer offering testing for Covid-19 at the airport. We will keep you updated on any changes. 

For a safe and carefree journey

The airport is ready to welcome passengers safely and to ensure a safe workplace for employees. With the resumption of air traffic, the airport has adopted new preventive measures to reduce the risk of infection.

Social distancing

A safe distance of 1.5 m is recommended in all enclosed spaces – inside the passenger terminal and on apron buses.

Recommended use of protective masks 

In all closed public spaces, which includes all airport builings, and in apron buses, wearing protective masks is recommended. 

Hand disinfection

Hand disinfection is recommended for passengers and employees before entering enclosed spaces. Hand disinfection stands are located throughout the terminal and in other parts of the airport.



Confirmed safe conditions at the airport

Safety measures have been introduced at the airport for the safe reception of passengers and the safe work of employees, for which we have also obtained the AHA certificate (Airport Health Accreditation), issued by The International Airport Association International Airport (ACI), which confirms that we provide safe conditions for passengers and employees.

Preventive measures at the airport

Indoor areas are ventilated on a regular basis and surfaces are disinfected, especially exposed parts and objects (door handles and door knobs, taps, fences, switches, etc.).


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Stay healthy

By acting responsibly and following all safety measures you are helping us protect your health and the health of others. Thank you! We wish you a safe and pleasant journey!

Additional employee protection

Check-in and boarding counters are fitted with safety glass screens.